How Much Do Vapes Cost in 2021? A Price Breakdown

How much does vaping cost?

Smoking cannabis has its drawbacks before vape pens. You had to pick through stems, grind your joints by hand, and thoroughly clean your bong. The traditional manner of getting high was untidy, inconspicuous, and time-consuming to clean up. In the year 2021, vaping will be the preferred method of cannabis ingestion for on-the-go smokers. But at what price?

Vape pens come in a variety of designs, some of which are more sophisticated and pricey than others. Many beginners in the world of e-cigarettes are perplexed as to how much it costs to vape.

We’ll cover all you need to know about picking a good vape pen that meets your demands and fits your budget.

Vape pen costs at a glance

Type of vape pen Vape pen cost
General vape pens $25-$100
Disposable vape pens $5-$40
High-quality vape pens $100-$200
Cig-a-likes $11-$50
Pod mods $10-$40+
Vape mods $30-$150+


Factors that affect cost

Although vape pens appear to be intricate handheld robots, knowing what to look for makes determining how much to spend lot easier. To shop for a vape, you don’t have to be a super techie. Here’s a rundown of the things that influence vape prices, as well as what to think about before making a purchase:


As you can see from the chart above, vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes. Portable vape pens are popular for their handheld design, making them ideal travel companions. Vape mods are big and boxy, but give you more customization than disposable vape pens, pod mods, and cig-a-likes. High-quality vape pens cost more because of their durability, temperature control, and battery life.


Heating Method

Vape pens generate heat in two ways: convection and conduction. Convection vapes are optimal for temperature control because they use an indirect heating source, such as steam, to warm cannabis and enhance its flavor without coils. This process makes convection vapes more expensive than conduction vapes, which transfer heat directly to dry herb or wax via coils.

Battery Life

That is, how many smoke sessions do you get before your vape needs to charge. Vapes either have removable or integrated batteries. Batteries with higher mAh (milliampere-hour) capacity last longer and as a result, cost more. Battery life is impacted by many factors as well – heat settings, oil viscosity, consumption habits, and even cold weather will dictate how long a single charge may last.



How you choose to smoke affects vape costs. For example, if you prefer to load cannabis buds or wax into a vaporizer, you’ll need to choose a vape with the technology to heat those items. Smoking distillate or live resin, on the other hand, doesn’t require as many parts. You just attach the cartridge to the battery and start vaping.



Some vapes are sold as a kit to enhance your vape experience. Starter kits can come with a battery, charger, extra coils, screens, or glass stems, depending on the vape. The kits are great for beginners because they include everything you need to start vaping. You also might want to accessorize your vape with a storage solution that keeps your investment clean, protected, and organized.


How to save money on vaping

Go for quality

We understand why people choose to buy cheap, disposable vapes, but when you think about the long-term costs of replacing defective parts, it’s best to go for quality over quantity. That means choosing a long-lasting vaporizer, even if it costs more, to ensure optimal vape functioning.


All-in-one vapes

Consider buying a vape kit or building your own so you don’t have to purchase all of your accessories individually.



Vapes that include a warranty end up saving you money if your battery stops working. Most vape companies offer warranty coverage on the battery system, not the cartridges.


To sum it up

Before you invest in a vape pen, you’ll need to weigh your options and look at your budget. If you can, try to take advantage of higher-priced, quality vaporizers that last longer than inexpensive, disposable models.